Documentary film and territorial research


La Fournaise brings together professionals in the audio-visual production and territorial research.
The heterogeneous staff of La Fournaise collaborates and shares ideas and experiences and is therefore able to carry out and promote brand new cultural projects and activities aiming at the dissemination of knowledge.

These all revolve around:
– The territory and the local development
– Documentaries as means of narrating and describing reality.

La Fournaise project is entirely privately funded and is a non-profit cultural organization.


La Fournaise carries out cultural projects concerning the territory and the narration of the reality around us. Our aim is to make something really original and innovative, and to venture to explore brand-new ways of describing places and telling stories- combining scientific research, spread of information and creative narration.

In detail, La Fournaise produces:
– Fresh and unusual video and/or photographic pieces of work, which are inspired by the principles that underlie the association itself, namely experimenting exactly in the field of photography, filmmaking and documentary.
– Unconventional research projects, in that they try and dig into the relation between video, images and territory- precisely according to the central idea behind our association.

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