Dance Hall Land

DOCUMENTARY (orig. Sagre Balere, Italy, 2017, durata 75’)


Omar was born in the suburbs of Milan and was destined to be an auto bodyworker. He became instead a successful ballroom singer, inspired by listening to ballroom singers at Angelo Zibetti’s Studio Zeta, the biggest dance club in Italy at that time. After about a decade working as a singer, he finally met Adele, the love of his life, who became his manager and turned him into a real icon for the fans of ballroom music. He has become the man who could gather enormous crowds of audience at clubs, squares, and local festivals. The film tells the story of Omar and shows him, in his 20th year of career with his band, as we travelled together with him in their long tour around many Northern regions of Italy. A life in and out of the spotlight, mirror of a marginal and somehow old fashioned Italy,  that is probably destined to disappear for good.



Director and cinematography: Alessandro Stevanon
Script: Eleonora Mastropietro e Alessandro Stevanon
Production: Associazione La Fournaise, La Fournaise srls
Editing: Fabio Bianchini Pepegna
Sound: Giovanni Corona
Music: Raffaele D’Anello

With the support of:

Piemonte DOC FILM FUND  – Fondo Regionale per il Documentario
Valle d’Aosta DOC-FF FILM FUND
Regione Emilia Romagna – Film Commission
Genova Liguria Film Commission

Press Area


(2017) Visions du Réel, Nyon (CH) – Section Regard Neuf (World Première)

(2017) Bellaria Film Festival, Bellaria (IT) – Finalisti Italian Doc – Best Documentary

(2017) Cay Film – Cayman International Film Festival

(2017) ShorTS International Film Festival, Trieste (IT) – Section Nuove Impronte – Best Documentary Production

(2017) Cervino Cinemountain (Valtournenche, Italy) – Premio Film Commission Valle d’Aosta

(2017) Frame by Sound Festival (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

(2017) Mantova Film Fest (Mantova, Italy)

(2017) Detour, Festival del Cinema di Viaggio – Sezione Viaggio in Italia (Padova, Italy)

(2017) On The Road Film Festival (Rome, Italy)

(2017) Muvi Festival Internacional de Música no Cinema (Lisboa, Portugal)